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Who is Conan Osiris?

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After hosting the event last year and a disapointing last place, Portugal chose for Conan Osiris. A controversial contestant that divides the audience but might have his chance of a high score in the final board at The Eurovision Song Contest Festival 2019. Tel Aviv in Israel welcomes the event from the 14th to the 18th of May 2019. 

Conan Osiris - Who is he?

This mysterious character, from his original name Tiago Miranda, was born in January 5th, 1989 in Lisbon and is a self-taught singer-songwriter. 

Before his actual career, Conan was a student at the  Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco where he got his degree as a Graphic Designer. That’s also where he met his stylist Rúben de Sá Osório.

He works in ContraNatura for a while, a sexshop in Lisbon. In Vogue Portugal he says : “My mother wanted me to bring my resume to the Feira Nova de Bela Vista, so I got a job in a sex shop”. He worked there for 6 years and finally, due the success of his album “Adoro Bolos” (2017), he left his job to be a full-time singer-songwriter and pursue his career.

His stage name is refers to two things, the legendary Egyptian god Osiris and the Japenese series “Future Boy Conan”.

His career

After joining the group Powny Lamb with Rita Moreira in 2008, they launched a first EP on Soundcloud in 2011. 

“Secluded” is the title that launched his solo carreer as “Conan Osiris”. This song was written for one of the designers (Iuri) of the ModaLisboa 2013/14. For the following editions of the Lisbon fashion week, he composes many songs which will be gathered on an EP in 2014 “Silk”. His career took a major turn in Portugal with the song “Amalia”, also included in the same EP.

The 30 years old singer has already two albums, launched in 2016 and 2017, “Música, Normal” (2016), and “Adoro Bolos” (2017). Hits after hits (“Adoro Bolos”, “Celulitite”, “Borrego” or “100 Paciência”), Adoro Bolos became the most successful album of the artist so far and launched his national career. Concerts are organized everywhere in the country and people sing as an unison the songs “Celulitite” and “Borrego” during his performances. The same year, Conan also co-wrote and produced “Emocional”, the first album by singer Sreya.

This year in February, Conan Osiris participated to the “Festival RTP da Canção” with the song “Telemóveis”. Crowned as a winner, he will represent Portugal in this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest Festival 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Conan Osiris – Final Festival da Canção 2019 – Source: Youtube

You like it or you don't...

His music style, his fashion, are very different from any other portuguese artists and that is probably what makes him so controversial. You may like it, you may not, however we can all agree that not many artists are able to mix the genres the way he does. His music is mysterious, sometimes spooky, and we can imagine that some people might not like it.

Conan Osiris represents Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest Festival 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel

After winning the Festival da Cancão 2019, the reactions online left a lot of people… speechless and confused, but in a good way and many people could see him take the title at this year’s edition of the Eurovision.

Even Salvador Sobral, the winner of the Eurovision 2017 confesses that Conan might be a potential winner… and if Sobral says it…! 😉

After a short trip to Israel for the preparations of the contest, he performed at the MIL 2019 — Lisbon International Music Network, where he rocked the stage one more time! 

Participating to the first edition of “PLAY – PORTUGUESE MUSIC AWARDS”, Conan just won the title of the category “New Artist”.

However, since the hype of his winning title “Telemóveis” on the internet, it seems like the artist is loosing in popularity. In the contest, he scores  a small 3% chances of winning… putting him to the 11th place on the final board.

Indeed, the last countries have revealed their choices and that has definitely changed a lot of things in the rankings. The Dutch singer Duncan Laurence became the new favorite gathering more than 26% chances of winning with his song “Arcade”.
Will the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest Festival 2020 be in Amsterdam?

Duncan Laurence – Arcade representing The Netherlands in Tel Aviv

Our honest opinion?

We liked a lot Salvador Sobral two years ago. Last year as well, the song “O Jardim” was great to our opinion as we explained in our previous article, but it got a very disapointing last place.

This year, we are not fan of the title that Conan will be presenting. We personally think it’s a bit too weird for a Eurovision Song Contest Festival Song. The mix of the styles is here, but it’s hard to define the real portuguese roots behind the song. Yet we wish Portugal all the best in the competition of course!

As I’m french, last year I really liked the French song “Mercy Mercy” from Madame Monsieur but this year again I’m not a fan of the French contestant, mainly due to the lack of strength in Billal Hassani’s voice. However, Jeroen being Dutch, we also keep a close eye and support The Netherlands as well! Back in 2014, we were totally supporting The Common Linnets with their song “Calm after the Storm”.

And this year, well… our choice definitely goes for Holland! We discovered Duncan a couple years back in the TV Show “The Voice of Holland” and it was sure that it would be a matter of time before he would become famous!

Jeroen and I feel even prouder as Duncan Laurence comes from Tilburg, Jeroen’s hometown! 


Mercy from Madame Monsieur – Representing France at the Eurovision 2018

The Common Linnets – Representing The Netherlands at the Eurovision in 2014 – 2nd Place

Haven't followed anything yet?

You had no time to read anything about the Eurovision yet? No panic! Here is the Official Recap of the 41 songs participating to this year’s edition of the most famous Song Contest Festival in the world.

What is your Choice? You already have a favorite?

Leave a comment in the section below!

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