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Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Porto

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Many people choose Porto for a Romantic gateaway, this is the reason why we gathered our TOP 5 Romantic Restaurants in Porto!

Porto is a town that has so much to offer! From its history to its culture, the town will blow your mind with its diversity, however… Porto is also a very romantic town. This is why can be the perfect escape for you and your loved one! Our Gourmet Tour is perfect for the occasion to visit Porto, but you can also bring her/him to a romantic restaurant in Porto. Here are some of our recommendations.

1- Porto Express

To start our Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Porto we present you a new restaurant in Porto: Porto Express

Owned by Gabrielle and Anthony, Porto Express opened a couple of weeks ago in the heart of Porto. Their concept is a gathering of their love for Porto and Coffee. It resulted in a romantic and trendy Tapas/Brunch restaurant.
Their love and passion shine through their homemade food and you will appreciate their wonderful selection of local products throughout different tapas and meals.
In fact, they focus on working with local producers, giving an authentic taste to all the delicious food they make.
You just want to drink a coffee? Or perhaps you prefer a full meal or a brunch in the weekend? Well, it doesn’t matter, the welcome will be the same for everyone! Lovers, best friends, friends, families, this is for sure a place to write on your “to-go” list in Porto!

For Valentine’s day, they prepare some specials on:

  • Fri 14/02/2020: Tapas from 6pm to 11pm
  • Sat 15 and Sun 16/02/2020: Brunch from 10am to 4pm

Cherry on the top: Every couple gets a free polaroid photo of them! 馃槈
And yet, if you aren’t a couple but just best friends, it works as well!
This is for sure a relax place for people wanting to enjoy the company of their girlfriend/boyfriend. Book your table and check their website Porto Express

Rua Joaquim Antonio Aguiar 149
4300-465聽Porto, Portugal

More info and bookings:
+351 225 371 104

2- PortUCALE

Enjoying a town is of course walking down its streets and places. Nevertheless, we can all agree that seeing it from above is always a special feeling! Portucale welcomes you on the 14th floor of a building in the center of Porto. Its view is outstanding and reaches up to the sea and the mountains! The restaurant is decorated in a 50’s style giving a cosy atmosphere. Very romantic this a great place to be for a lunch or an evening. Their menu is a great mix of regional and international cuisine combined with the author’s cuisine. Some of the dishes are even prepared in front of you, presenting thus the traditional way of cooking food. With an amazing service, this is an emblematic restaurants in Porto.

Rua Alegria, 598 – 14潞
4000-037 Porto, Portugal

More info and bookings:
+351 225 370 717

3- Taberna dos Mercadores

Taberna dos Mercadores is a small restaurant in a small street of Porto. In fact, this restaurant has only 16 seats giving a very special atmosphere to the restaurant. However, its size does not impact the quality of their cuisine which is very traditional. With a card divided in two themes, you will choose in between “Da Aldeia”(from the countryside) or “Do Mar” (from the sea). All the ingredients are handpicked and every dish is聽meticulously prepared to ensure you the best quality of the Portuguese cuisine with a nothern accent. It goes without saying that booking is highly recommended. Don’t miss the chance to go stop by one of those evenings!

Rua dos Mercadores 36/38
4050 Porto, Portugal

More info and bookings:
+351 222 010 510

4- Costume Bistr么

Classy, warm and somehow sophisticated, Costume Bistr么 is a restaurant that will surprise you with their signature cuisine: a mix in between traditional and international food. Located in a tiny street in Porto, not far from Aliados, it brings a touch of refinement and charm to the street we know as “Rua das Tascas” (Taverns Street).

Costume Bistr么 is also getting ready for the most romantic day of the year and will offer a special menu for that evening that you can find on their Facebook Page “Costume Bistr么

Travessa dos Congregados, 174000-179 Porto, Portugal

More info and bookings:
+351 222 015 015

5- o Paparico

Although a bit out of town, O Paparico is a gastronomic restaurant holding its place in our Top 5 Romantic restaurants in Porto. This very high-standard restaurant brings a sophisticated portuguese cuisine to your plate. Very cosy and intimate, having dinner at this restaurant is a full experience in itself. The best portuguese products are selected in combination with a selection of the richest wines to perfect their fantastic dishes. Yet, this could be the right place to propose your girlfriend or boyfriend? 馃槈

For Valentine’s Day, the Gastronomic Director Chef Rui Martins and O Paparico’s Director and Wine Director Ant贸nio Lopes and their teams prepared an exclusive menu. With the motto “Aconchego” (Warmth) they develop all their dishes for the one eager to get involved in envrionment, food and flavors. Their gastronomic identity expresses their very particular vision of what Portugue cuisine is: rich in identity, traditional and famous all around the world.

Rua de Costa Cabral 2343
4200-232 Porto, Portugal

More info and bookings:
+351 225 400 548
+351 937 959 714

A Gourmet Tour with us?

Why not combining a nice walk in town, while stopping here and there in Porto to taste all the local food?聽 Yet you will learn about the food culture of Porto and Portugal in general. Furthermore, you will also hear about聽 its history while crossing the most emblematic places of Porto.


Our Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Porto ends here. There is so many options for a romantic get away in Porto and certainly plenty of places that will reflects the warmth of Porto’s inhabitants, making you feel cosy, making you feel at home.
Come and discover Porto with us in of our tours, you will be amazed on how much this town has to offer!

See you soon in Porto!

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