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Top 3 Best Places to Shop in Porto

This is our illustration of our Blog article Top 3 Best places to shop in Porto

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Top 3
Best Places
to Shop in Porto

This is our illustration of our Blog article Top 3 Best places to shop in Porto

Christmas is in a little less than 2 weeks and perhaps you are still looking for some presents for your loved ones. If you happen to be in Porto for Christmas and don’t really know where to buy something typical, in this article we gathered our 3 favorite places to go shop in Porto.

In this magical time of the year, we are very often looking for something special for someone special, but as time goes, it’s harder and harder to find great presents. And if you happen to be on holidays during Christmas, or expat in this amazing town, you might wonder where you could shop in Porto for Christmas. In our “Top 3 Best Places to shop in Porto”, we gave you 3 adresses of places that we cherish a lot and those places work with Portuguese traditional products. Port wines, Ceramics, Souvenirs everything in those store are made in Portugal and/or in Porto!


Zinda Atelier

This is Zinda, artist and owner of the Zinda Atelier in Porto - This store is part of our Top 3 Best Places to Shop in Porto

Finding a traditional store to shop in Porto can become tricky. Although the streets of Porto offer many souvenir shops here and there, most of them are the same and present a lack of originality. But luckily, in the steeps streets of the historical town, some shops stand out by their creativity, their traditional side, and their owners!
To start with, let us present you Zinda Atelier. Established since 1990 in Porto, Zinda, is the magical artist owning this wonderful and colorful workshop/store. What does she do? Ceramic tiles among so many other cups, plates, statues and much more. Her passions shines in her art and she makes it all in one single place, in her very tiny atelier in Porto!
If you are looking for something very special and typical from Porto, this is definitely the place where you can find something to your taste.

Visit her website:


dos Clerigos

This is Grand-ma Souvenir, owner of Artesanato dos Clerigos - This store is part of our Top 3 Best Places to Shop in Porto

Many times we have passed the Rua da Assunção and saw that store standing out. Standing out by its typical atmosphere and beautiful items showcased in the front window. When we entered the first time, we felt in love with its owner which we call “Grand-ma Souvenir”. This is for sure one of our favorite store since then, and when we talk about buying Portuguese, you won’t be disappointed as every items inside are made in… Portugal!
In March 2020, the store will celebrate its 45th anniversary! Artesanato dos Clerigos is a wonderful souvenir store where you can find many typical treasures from Portugal. In fact, this is the last traditional souvenir store of Porto. Keyrings, mugs, table clothes, statues, and much more, she proposes a lot of different things that could make anyone happy! During the holidays season, the store becomes a wonder for the Christmas-crib makers as you will find a large variety of statues.


Vinhos de Portugal

This is a Port Wine degustation in Touriga, vinhos de Portugal in Porto - This store is part of our Top 3 Best Places to Shop in Porto

Oh yes we love Port! And we love visiting wine cellars in Gaia! Most of these companies sell Port wine per millions of liters a year and as much as it is a typical product, you could easily find it in a store in your town. But Touriga is a very small store of wines and Port wines and what he sells is just a pearl for wine and Port wine lovers. In fact this store mainly works with small producers from the region. This is very special as you will not find many store like this while you shop in Porto!
Take the time to seat back and enjoy one of their degustations and listen at them telling you all about Port wines or wines. David, the owner, and his staff will know how to direct you to find the bottle that will fit your wish to perfection. Cherry on the top, if you can’t bring any bottles back due to flights regulations, they can deliver it to your house when you get at least 3 bottles AND you are not in Porto to buy one of their products, just call them and they will advise you and will send everything directly to your address! Another great option for a Christmas present 😉

Visit their Facebook page:

Our logo in a Christmas Version


Although our Top 3 Best Places to shop in Porto is revealed, you might still don’t know what to get… At Portours we propose Gift Cards for our tours! If you know that a friend of yours or a family member is coming to Porto soon, this can be the ideal present for them! After buying the Gift Card online, you will have the option to print it and put it in an envelop under the Christmas Tree OR send it directly to their email address!

This is an illustration of our Gift Card Portours - This product is part of our Top 3 Best Places to Shop in Porto

This is just an illustration. When buying a gift card you do NOT receive any physical card.

Although we have some set-up amount, such as 50€, 100€ and 200€, we advise you to take the custom amount Gift Card.
For example, you can choose a custom gift card of:

  • 78€: Porto Essential for 2 persons
  • 118€: Porto Authentic for 2 persons
  • 138€: Gourmet Tour for 2 persons
  • or any other amount that fits your need!

Last but not least, we will not finish our blog article without wishing you a Very Happy Holidays Season!
May all your wishes come true and we hope to see soon in Porto!

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