Team Building

Team Building

It goes without saying that a positive atmosphere in a company is one of the main key to success. Many studies have shown the benefits of Team Building activities. Besides being fun, it improves communication in the team, motivates the employees, enhances creativity, develops new skills, increases self-confidence, eases the integration of new colleagues and much more… So why not giving it a try? 

Portours Business will make sure you will have a memorable time with your working team in Porto.
We propose different activities for Team Building: The Spy Race, The Treasure Hunt, but we can also organize an activity that fits perfectly your wishes.

Curious of what we can propose you?

Did you know?

Though it really started to develop itself in the 80’s, the concept of “Team Building” has been discovered with the first study conducted around employee’s behavior happened in 1920! Elton Mayo conducted his study around the employee’s behavior of Western Electric company in Chicago.