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Review tours games activities TripAdvisor Portours

TripAdvisor quickly became the number one platform where people are able to leave their reviews. It goes without saying that we also want our customers to review our tours, games and activities on TripAdvisor!

We are now registered on TripAdvisor and above all another goal is now reached in the quest of running our business! Reviews are important, it is for us a good way to know what our clients are looking for and what their expectations are. By understanding the reviews left on our TripAdvisor account, we will be able to change, modify and perfect our products, in other words result in a better service.

How to leave a review?

First, click here to access our TripAdvisor Page.
Once on the page, scroll down the page and click on “Write a Review”.
Write how you experienced the tour with us, and fill all the required fields.
After that, click on “Submit your review”, and you are done!
You can also simply click on Portours on the TripAdvisor widget just under

Did you book your tour with us?

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