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It’s now official! Portours is growing! After a lof of changes those past weeks, an internal reorganization and a lot of hard work, we decided to step further into our portuense adventure. New website, new tours, new services
We are proud to tell you all about it!

First, The Website

Ever since we started, and above all the satisfaction of our clients is our biggest concern and it starts by having a good website where you can find all the necessary informations. First about our tours and games, but furthermore about Porto.
Besides the new design, clearer and more intuitive, we develop our Blog section where we share news, historical facts, tips, as well as things to do or discover in Porto.

In addition to those changes, we are working with a great booking system, Fareharbor. You might come across this name while booking on our website. Fareharbor is a safe way for our customers to book online. None of your bank informations are stored on our website. also uses Fareharbor’s services and we are glad to be able to work with them.

Mobile Version –

After that you ill also notice a big improvement in the mobile version of our website. Almost 50% of the people uses their mobile to browse the internet therefore it was a major point of focus for us while changing our website.




We are very excited to be proposing our services to other businesses and this is the reason why we develop Portours Business. This part of our company will be focusing on creating tailored events for your business. Seminars, Team Building Activities, Special Events.


As we are receiving more and more requests for all kinds of parties from particular customers, we decided to create Portours Events. This branch is only business to customer. Therefore, we organize your bachelor party, birthday party, wedding, honeymoon and much more.

As you understand by now, everything is possible! Don’t hesitate any longer, tell us about your ideas and ask a quotation. We will be glad to realize them!


This season we are launching 4 new tours

  • The Race and the Treasure Hunt were launched last year but this year we propose you a better version of the games. Challenge or co-operate with your friends to win the game. Both of them happen in the center of Porto and can be played with 4 persons minimum. 2.5 hours, 25€ per person.
  • With Azulejos Tour you will discovering all the most beautiful azulejos of Porto followed by a workshop where you will paint your own azulejos! 6 hours, 69€ per person.
  • A ride along the Douro River on an e-trotibike? Yes it’s possible with our Rock ‘N Ride Tour! On Gaia’s or Porto’s side, you decide when booking. Both are very different and both will surprise you evenly! 3 hours, 59€ per person.

We also retouched our City Visit and added the visit of a wine cellar including a Port wine degustation to give you a complete experience of what Porto is about.


Furthermore, we launched our Newsletter, in order for you to get notified when we make promotions and special deals for our subscribers as well as when we publish new articles on our blog. 

Subscribe to our newsletter


You can use Facebook to contact us as well as booking a tour! In the Shop Section you can find all our tours, choose the one you like and you will be redirected to our booking system! It’s also a good way to give you some updates and news about us and about Porto more frequently than throughout our blog, which is mainly dedicated for articles about the Portuguese culture and Porto as much as big announcements as this one.

In Conclusion

As time goes by we keep moving forward on giving better services. Our goal remains, giving you a personal and human experience while your stay in Porto!

So don’t wait any longer and contact us!

See you soon in Porto!

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Besides touring with the client as a private tour guide in Porto, Jimmy is our content creator. Always looking to share his knowledge, he writes all the articles for Portours in order to keep you up to date with what is going in Porto and Portugal.

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