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Destination Portugal is THE reference magazine for french people wanting to visit Portugal or just to know more about the country. In this magazine, you get all the tips and good adresses you need for your stay in Portugal, and this month especially in Porto.

The Article

Marc Nevoux is the journalist and editor of the magazine Destination Portugal which was launch on June 1st, 2016. Every trimester, he highlights all the different towns of Portugal and besides sharing it in the magazine, you can also read his adventures on his facebook page. 

Marc is originally from Auvergne, 30km away from where I’m coming from and it’s funny to see that our first meeting happened to be at a bar at the Ribeira in Porto ! 

The world is small !

The focus of this month’s edition is Porto and among all the articles you will find one about us!

 Besides telling our story in short, the new edition of the magazine speaks about Portours and our games and activities. This results in a great article!

If you want to stay up to date and be the first to know when a new edition of the magazine is out, we invite you to follow his Facebook page: “Destination Portugal”

Thank you Marc!

Article from Marc Nevoux in Destination Portugal – 2019

and after?

The most impressive when we pass in front of the memorial during our City Visit tour (sometimes twice a day), is to see that people still come every day to light on a candle, put some flowers. It is definitely a scar that portuense citizens keep in within them, even 210 years later…

You want to hear more about Porto’s history? Click here to check out our different tours.

See you soon in Porto!

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Besides touring with the client as a private tour guide in Porto, Jimmy is our content creator. Always looking to share his knowledge, he writes all the articles for Portours in order to keep you up to date with what is going in Porto and Portugal.

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