Safety Measures



It goes without saying that it has been a hard time, but we are happy to start being able to see an (eventual) end to the lockdown. 
We are aware that as long as there won’t be a treatment and/or a vaccin, it will be hard to come back to what was life before the Covid-19.
It is then our job to make sure that we follow from up close all the new regulations put in place by the government and the DGS (Direção-Geral da Saúde) in order to start working again and welcome you in Porto “Clean and Safe” as soon as possible.

In Portugal, they created a label called “Clean and Safe”. This means that businesses related to the tourism industry are complying to the Health Measures from Portugal by providing a protocol of safety measures to Turismo de Portugal. If the protocol is approved, you are Clean and Safe and can welcome customers. This ensures you that every business that received this label will be able to provide their services in a safe environment.

Under, you will find all the measures from Portours that apply from now on and for an underterminated period of time.

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First and Foremost


Our tour guides will have temperatures controls every morning and evening during every working day.


It is your responsibility to come at the meeting point with your hands properly washed.


As much as we would like to welcome bigger groups, at this point we can allow ONLY 4 people maximum per tour.


Try to keep a distance of 2 meters in between people to avoid the risks of contamination.


After the tourn of at any time, please use the garbages to throw your mask and gloves away.

your clothes

If you have the possibility, wash your clothes at 60°C to eliminate any potential trace of the virus.

During The Tour


Please do not take wrong if we do not shake your hand when meeting you! This is just a rule to protect all of us, don't take it personally 😉


Our tour guides will provide you with hand sanitizer at the beginning of the tour and anytime it will be needed during the tour.


The masks are MANDATORY at all times during the tour. Alternatively you can decide to wear a visor instead. It is your responsibility to come on tour with your own mask.

Since September 15, 2020, the whole of mainland Portugal has been placed in a state of contingency (more restrictive than the state of alert). The measures which applied to the region of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley for several months are extended to the whole territory until October 14, namely:

– Gatherings are limited to 10 people nationwide
– Commercial establishments only open from 10 a.m. (with exceptions: cafes, pastry shops, hairdressers, and gyms)
– Establishments close between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. by municipal decision
– Groups are limited to 4 people in catering areas inside shopping centers and close to schools
– The sale of alcoholic drinks is prohibited in gas stations at any time and from 8 p.m. in all other establishments, except restaurants
– Restaurants can welcome new customers until midnight and remain open until 1 am
– The consumption of alcohol on public roads is prohibited.

– The deconfinement decree invites everyone to give priority to authorized activities and essential trips that do not involve significant / prolonged social contact.
– Protective equipment (mask or visor) is mandatory in areas that do not allow social distancing, in particular closed areas with high traffic such as public services, airports, public transport and taxis. Passengers who do not respect this rule in public transport incur a fine of between 120 and 350 €. Social masks and hydroalcoholic gels are now available for sale to individuals, especially in supermarkets.
– Health precautions and barrier gestures remain recommended (hand washing, social distancing, coughing in your elbow, …); standards of social distancing or reduction of the reception capacity of establishments will be applied; confinement will remain mandatory for people infected or under active vigilance; the civic duty of prophylactic isolation and limitation of non-essential travel is maintained.
– Limitation of the use of private passenger transport vehicles to 2-thirds of their capacity and wearing of a compulsory mask; taxis and other passenger transport vehicles (TVDEs) with five seats, for example, can therefore only carry a maximum of two passengers, in addition to the driver.
– Campervans or similar vehicles cannot stay in parks and parking areas, but have the option of staying in places specifically designated for these vehicles by the management bodies of parks and parking areas, between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. and in compliance with all applicable provisions.
– Most festivals are canceled or subject to distancing and branding standards until December 31.
– Discos and sporting events remain closed to the public.


Actual Situation