The Race Porto

25€ Per Person - 15€ (6-12 y/o)

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Distance: 5km

Minimum: 8 people

Tuesday to sunday: 2pm

In this game, that will be available for groups of eight or more persons, the aim is to be the first team to make it to the Portours flag. At the meeting point the group will be divided in teams of two. You will be given the clues to make it to the first checkpoint. At every checkpoint you will play a game which can earn you coins. These coins can be used to win your team some time by buying clues or, if you feel confident enough, to make it harder for the other teams to find their next clue. The first team to make it to the Portours flag will be crowned winner. This game is quite intense, it will lead you through the steep streets of Porto and therefore requires you to wear a good pair of shoes. Along the way you will come across Porto’s most recognizable sights. The duration of this game will be approximately 2.5 hours.

Included in the game:

  • Bottle of water per person

Mosteiro Serra do Pilar, Gaia