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SATURDAY 4th of APRIL 2020

Dagmar Kruskova


I am the Czech artist and a teacher obsessed with drawing, painting and colours. I live in Portugal with my family and I love to create and I love to make other people create as well! I sincerely hope you will enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it. I indulge in a range of techniques and genres: children illustrations, textile art, silk painting, drawing, oil painting, or fabric arts and crafts. I am drawing and painting for many years and caricature art is my new love few last years.

André Varela


Photography has been part of my life since I was young and I first picked up my dad’s camera. It was always a natural part of me and something always present even when my path took me into other areas. I started to pursue my passion for creating images and I worked in several fields until I started dedicating more of my time to create personal work and personal projects.
With my vision, I aim to create surreal worlds full of stories. Darkness is always present in my work, as an entity that helps guide us to the light showing us the essence of the feelings I imprint in my work. I mostly work in black and white because I believe that’s the right way to photograph the soul that exists in people, places and the world in general. But colour has also a special place in my portfolio as something that complements it with a touch of life.

Pedro Ferreira


I was born in Vila Nova de Gaia on October 17, 1995.
I have always had a huge passion for music since the age of four that I sing, at that age I already participated in popular marches in São João. Later I started to participate in musical theater in amateur theater companies.
In 2011 I won the TVI’s program “A song for you” and more recently won a fado contest organized by the newspaper “O Gaiense” and it was there that I discovered a passion that was “hidden”, the love for fado suddenly appeared, I didn’t think I could win the contest because I didn’t consider myself a fado singer.
I recorded my first album “Labirinto” which was one of the prizes of the contest and it was a dream come true.
At this moment I am in an event company called “Herança Magna” where I do many different things, namely singing fado. I have already had the opportunity to present my work on some channels of our generalist television and some of my themes are broadcast on regional radio stations.
Recently I have been doing fado shows in various places in our country and in some highly regarded venues in Porto.


Watercolor Artist

Graduated in Social Communication and Visual Arts and Master in Fine Arts, Louise Kanefuku works with drawing, video and performance, on autobiographical topics such as insomnia and migration. Her recent production defends global free movement and reverberates her displacement to the city of Porto, where she has lived for two and a half years. Awarded regionally and nationally, some of her works are in public and private collections in Brazil.


Drawing Artist

I’m Fran, a 22 year old artist from England who moved to Porto with my partner (who is also an artist) only two months ago; but already I am in love with the city. My favourite mediums are simply ink or pencil on paper, however I like to experiment with techniques such as pointillism and continuous line. My main focuses and inspirations are primarily human anatomy and portraits. In the past I’ve tried to study for careers that would give me a secure future. However, I have decided I would love to start tattooing as I feel my designs would work well on skin, and it’s a career that will allow me to be an artist full time.

Kathleen Doherty

Aerial Hoop Artist

Kathleen’s background in dance shapes its own style in the air, blending graceful flow and flexibility with the strength and fearlessness of the aerial arts. She offers performances in an assortment of the aerial artforms. Previous clients include Google, Mercedes-Benz and Guinness.

Keely Denham


Keely Denham started in the Sydney music circuit in Australia after completing her bachelor’s
degree in Music 6 years ago. She decided to move across the world, travel and make music
including her latest EP release “Blue Leaves” available in all online platforms. Keely combines
her influences from her past and present to create her unique sound and style. After living
and performing in Porto/Ribeira she has banded together with a group of female
professionals to push the movement of positivity and strength for women in all professional

Elena Alexanian


Elena Alexanian is a Russian artist (born Elena Slobodskaya in Moscow, Russia, 1986). From 2013 until the end of 2018, Elena has been living in the Lyon area of France.
Since 2019, she lives in Porto, Portugal.
All her life paintings and drawings were something special for the artist. In each of her works Elena puts a certain meaning, wants to convey different ideas, based on the mood and a certain period of life. The main task is to immerse the viewer into the world of illusions, associations and reflections. The artist involves complex subjects with the interweaving of national traditions, real people and objects, as well as various fairy-tale characters.
Elena Alexanian’s paintings are made in several techniques – oil paint and dry pastels. This allows the artist to soften or enhance the perception of images, thereby inviting viewers to go on a journey through the world of her fantasies.

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Patricia Fonseca is a portuguese artist with international experience, who studied art and then worked many years in the uk and Middle East as an art teacher and private tutor. Inspired by her surroundings, she lets her emotions flow as if in a meditative state as part of a therapeutic process of expressing her inner thoughts and feelings. Sometimes very figurative, sometimes more risky and abstract. The technique and media she uses vary according to her state of mind, although she favours pastels and watercolour. Her work represents different stages of a journey, being emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These are essencial elements that leads most of her work.

Marion Mazer

Digital Artist

Born is Matosinhos, Porto, Marion is half french half portuguese and was considered a very creative child, as she would draw stories to tell her younger sister before she could even write. She studied Multimedia Communications at ESMAE (Escola Superior de Música, das Artes e do Espetáculo) and started working at the same time as a Junior Graphic Designer. At the same agency, she ended up Creative Director, and decided to give it a go at digital illustration when she won the Subway ticket contest (Andante – Metro do Porto).

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Kallie Rose


Kallie Falandays is the author of Dovetail Down the House. You can read her work in PANK, Black Warrior Review, Hotel Amerika, American Poetry Review, and elsewhere. She lives in Porto and runs the website

Luciana Bastos


Artist and illustrator. In Brasília, she graduated in Visual Arts. In Porto, she completed a master’s degree in Graphic Design and has specialized in Illustration. Both her artistic production and her research in design and illustration are related to the observation of the common place and her body as a woman in intimate, public and mystical spaces. His production materializes mainly in drawing and often in artist books, visual narratives and texts. His ally, accomplice of paths and place of thought is the graphic diary. At the beginning of 2017, she created a gallery and street lab (which is a bicycle) to escape from definitions of where he “has to be” artist, illustrator or designer. With ‘Giro – Art on Wheels’ she can transits thru the possibility of to be immersed in the public space and work freely, exploring the plurality of experiences and relationships between body and landscape. 

BLUE & White Duet


Hugo Lima was born on 13/7/1991. He started his formation in music when he was 3 years old, and finished his 8th degree in violin at the Music Academy of Espinho with the teacher Romiana Badeva. He attended  Rockschooll Jahas where he improved improvisational techniquess and Jazz with the teacher Arlindo Silva. He Definitely opted for music, leaving  behind Engineering.


Inês Lima was born on 4/7/1995. It began her formation in music with 4 years, it also finished the 8ºgrau of violin in the Academy of Music of Thorn with teacher Romiana Badeva. She also attended Rockschooll Jahas where she improved improvisational techniques and Jazz with the teacher Arlindo Silva. She continues her parallel career as a Psychologist.

BLUE & WHITE Strings Duet have been professionalized by the quality that both the general public and professionals in the area in question recognize. This recognition makes Blue & White an asset to the world of music, to which they add a different way of playing the violin.

SUNDAY 5th of APRIL 2020

The Acoustic Foundation


The Acoustic Foundation (TAF) is a Soul/Funk band from Porto (Portugal). Their debut album, Big Sculpture, was release in 2017.
TAF are known by their incredible energy on stage featuring eight musicians and some urban dancers.
In this showcase, due to the quarentine, they will perform as a quartet.



Adosinda Pereira is a ceramist from Porto. She has a degree in Heritage Historical Sciences, taught Art History and has devoted herself to ceramics since 1990. She has already participated in several exhibitions and events in Portugal and Spain. Since 2003, she owns her own workshop / shop in the Historical Centre of Porto, where her unique work is developed.

Emma Van Looy

Digital Illustrator

I am a self-taught artist & illustrator from Cornwall, U.K. I grew up painting and drawing from a young age in the countryside, which I believe allowed me space and time to grow artistically. I create illustrations and art based around the topics of animals, nature, food and environments. I accept commissions for pet portraits. I feel very passionately about preserving wildlife and nature, which I try to voice in some of my work. Most of the time I work digitally using gouache brushes and technical ink pen.

Asha Self


Wolf Designs


Deborah Laranjeira


My name is Deborah Laranjeira Menezes, I’m an artist, wife, Believer, cat-lover, extroverted introvert, third culture kid, world traveler, and a free spirit at heart! Color, adventure, light, the little pleasures of life and my travels all fuel my passion for creating!

I was born in Brazil, but grew up in Austin, Texas and then went to art school in the San Francisco Bay Area where I lived and worked until 2009 when I decided to try out life in Brazil again. In Brasilia, I built a bilingual art studio for adults and children called Orange Tree Studio which grew into a wonderful project where I met so many special people and grew as a teacher, business owner and artist. Brasilia was my home for 10 years. In 2019, my husband and I made the crazy decision to step out in faith and leave our comfortable lives in Brasilia for the adventure of starting over in the small village of Macieira de Cambra in the north of Portugal. 
I have explored color and inteligent use of light as technical guidelines over the years, but my work is now influenced by textures and patterns picked up from my favorite destinations. Life is too full, there is too much beauty all around and I can’t help responding through painting. In many ways my painting is a diary, a way to digest the moments I experience and the feelings/memories they evoke, a way to say “I was here, I lived, I saw, I loved, I felt something”. I hope my work touches you too and reminds you that there is beauty despite all the toiling this side of Heaven.

Inês Castro Ribeiro

Comtemporary Dancer

Inês Castro Ribeiro was born in Porto, in 1985. Since she was a child, the word “movement” has always fascinated her.
At the age of 5, in 1990, she started her formation at Escola de Dança Ginasiano with Classic Ballet, simultaneously diving at Futebol Clube de Gaia in Artistic Gymnastics as an athlete. Later on, she graduated as a contemporary dance interpreter at Balleteatro, where she had the opportunity to work with choreographers of national and international renown, giving birth to her first creations. She completed her academic career with a Degree in Sports Sciences at the Faculty of Sports of the University of Porto – high performance training (gymnastics).
As a choreographer, she created “ÉME – Tudo que Resta” (INSERIR – Perfomative Arts Festival / 2010); “No Sound Through Empty Space” / 2011 (performed by students from the Professional School of Music in Espinho); “O.R.I.G.E.M” / 2012 and “Rewind” / 2013 (within the scope of the Contemporary Dance Nucleus of the Faculty of Sports of the University of Porto); “Um Ser, Um Corpo, Singular” / 2019), a video-performance created for the opening of the National Pole and Air Show held in February 2020; “Hope”, “Home”, “Hallelujah”, “One World, One Tribe”, “Jealous” and “Skinny Love”, choreographies created within the scope of the All Dance International 2020 competition, whose prizes attributed to the group choreographies (three 2nd places) were classified for the World Dance Championship in Orlando, United States of America – All Dance World 2020.
Inês currently works as a freelance interpreter / performer and teacher of Physical-Motor Education, Classical Ballet, Creative and Contemporary Dance in dance schools, ballet academies and colleges.
From an early age, artistic fusion with the sports universe are part of her daily life and the construction of her personal and professional path. She met and embraced the modalities of Aerials (Lyra and Hammock) and Pole Sport in 2018, being an enthusiast in the areas of Artistic Pole and Sport, having

Krystallenia Batziou


Krystallenia (Christie) is a photographer from Greece, living in Porto since 2013. She has been photographing for more than 10 years now and her main occupation at the moment is wedding and portrait photography. She sees and documents the world around her as “stories being written with light”, and her personal projects reflect an endless day-dreaming. Her latest project is called “Home time project” and focuses on finding beams of creativity and ideas in the corners of our own apartment using only everyday and already available objects through photography. 


Music Composer

Craig de Gouveia, aka matek, is a vocalist, producer, DJ, and visual artist. He has been writing songs since the 1990s, and has been producing music since the early 2000s. His music is an eclectic blend of hip hop, future bass, dub, jazz, and punk.
matek is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, future noir, which will be available in the second half of 2020. He has had his music featured on documentaries, including Billabong’s ‘Girls Get Out There’ and the Travel Channel’s ‘Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World’.


Embroidery Artist

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Kasia Gibson


I’m a 21 year old British born artist, who has been living in Porto with my partner for the past couple of months. I enjoy using a variety of media, from oil paints to coloured pencils and fine-liner pens. In particular I enjoy doing pointillism pieces and I’m aspiring to get into tattooing, so will often create designs with this in mind. As of recently, I’ve also started to take on commissions for pet portraits and other designs, which has really helped spur me on to continue to create and spread as much of my art as I can.



When I was in preschool, my favorite time of day was when I was allowed to draw and paint. As I got older, this love never faded and eventually turned into a passion.
For each unique piece of art, I use a variety of different mediums including oils, acrylics, epoxy resin, watercolors, and lots and lots of shimmer.  🙂 Working in a single medium is restrictive to any artistic process as each idea manifests itself through its own individual style.
Nature is the truest and greatest inspiration we have.  I love traveling and visiting new places . . . even more than that, I find inspiration by discovering people and the world up close . . . one step at a time.  All of my work is directly influenced and shaped by the beauty I see and feel during my walks through life. 



Rita Castro was born in 1991 in Trás-os-Montes, northern Portugal. She is a graduated engineer but ended up following her passion in visual arts, where she founds her best expression. She has done several work in the fields of painting and tattoo and entered in Oporto’s Art School (FBAUP) in 2017. In 2019 she was able open her own Tattoo Studio, Blue Velvet Tattoo Lounge, in Oporto where she now works full time while still working on her paintings.



Fernanda Moreira was born in Porto. Since she was a child she sings, because she considered it a way to express himself freely and also to socialize with his peers. Fernanda says that ”(singing) remains, even today, my way of freedom. I am myself on top of a stage and I fear nothing and no one ”. 
At a professional level, she started doing singing shows, and added her image, on posters all over the country, to the big names of Portuguese popular music such as Cândida Branca Flor, Carlos Paião, Raul Indipo, Marco Paulo, Ana, Clemente, Fátima Couto, Lenita Gentil, José Malhoa, Florência, Rosita, among others. Two years after her debut, she is part of the cast of the house of Fado Mal-Cozinhado. Thus began a career that was developed by staying in the most prestigious Fado houses in Porto, in television presentations and in national and international shows. She sings in several restaurants, associations and institutions in Porto, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Vila Praia de Âncora, among other locations. Casino da Póvoa and Casino de Espinho are also places of shows where he took his Fado. Invitations to shows abroad, in Portuguese communities and beyond, as well as official events, namely embassy invitations, took Fernanda Moreira, Moscow, and several times, Ceyrat, Perigueux, Barcelona, ​​Switzerland, Germany, among others … Fernanda Moreira sings regularly in: Herança Magna, Ideal Fado Club, Fado in Baixa, Santo Fado, Taberna Real Fado, Bom Sucesso Market, Yetman hotel, La Vie Porto Baixa, Páteo da Mariquinhas, Casa do Fado, among others.


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