Artists of Porto is an online showcase initiated by Portours.
During this very strange situation we all live in at the moment, we decided to organize a showcase presenting some of the artists we have in town. Some are painters, some are singers, musicians among others.

Second Edition
9TH and 10th of MAY 2020

What is the Showcase all about?

Hey guys!
I’m Jimmy, the organizer of this event “Artists of Porto”, an online showcase to give people the chance to discover all the talents we have here in Porto.
On my normal days, I’m a tour guide for Portours (for my own company) here in Porto.
Some of you might not know, but I’m as well, a creative director for all kinds of shows and choreographer for figure skating. If you are curious to see what I do, you can have a look at my presentation video and perhaps I’ll show you some of my work during this event as well 😉

As the world has temporarily put our daily lives on “pause”, I thought it would be interesting to gather some artists coming from and/or living in Porto and create an event for them as well as for the people contained at home. An event for them to shine, an event for you to enjoy!

What CAN YOU EXPECT from the Showcase?

All the singers, songwriters, musicians will perform some of their songs/musics, giving you a sort of small concert.

Furthermore, you will discover a lot of artists such as painters, caricaturist, illustrators, or any other kind of art Proto’s talents have to propose. Throughout an interview they will present you their work but also share their experiences with you!

The response of the artists on this project has gone beyond what I could even imagine, and I can tell you that we have a lot of amazing art pieces to show and share with you during this showcase “Artists of Porto”!

Check out

Here is how it works:

The Showcase

The showcase is a pre-recorded event then broadcasted on the date of the event, in that case the 9th and 10th of May 2020 from 17.00 on.
The recording period happens in between the 25th of April and the 30th of April 2020. We will see together when we can plan the interview considering your time schedule.

Their is no judgements on how things are done. In this complicated situation, the audience totally understands that every artist is trying their best to make the showcase happen. It’s not necessary to have any kind of experience in filming your art. If you are not comfortable with something, please let me know and we will try to find a solution together to make it work 🙂

1- Fill the form below

This first step is the most important. The form is made for me to gather all the informations needed for the showcase, artist name, links of social media, websites, biography etc…
The profile picture asked in the form is to put in the line-up, and posts on social media. Here on the side (or below if you are on mobile), is an example on how I will use it during the different posts on social media. Please make sure you fill it in as soon as possible so I can start making the different sociel media posts up front 🙂

2- The Recorded Videocall

The showcase is based on interviews of the artists in order to speak about their carreer, their work and present them to the audience.
It lasts more or less 10 minutes.
I usually use Facebook Messenger as it is simple for everyone.
On my side, I record the videocall and edit after for the final video.
The picture on the side, (or below), shows you an exemple on how it looks like. You can also see some other exemples by watching some of the artists of the previous editions by clicking on the photo.

3- Material Needed

If you are a photographer, an illustrator, a painter or any “non-performing” artist, your work will be displayed during the interview to illustrate the interview. If you are able to make videos of you doing your art or if you already have some it can be a good addition.
As exemple, you can check Patricia Fonseca (Drawing Artist), Marion Mazer (Digital Illustrator), Elena Alexanian (Painter), Luciana Bastos (Painter), Maria Patchos (Embroidery Artist), André Varela (Photographer) from the previous edition to see how it is done.
I will need then files of your work: photos or videos. 
I would need about 5 to 7 minutes videos that can be a multiple small video clips and/or one long video clip. It would be amazing if it could be recorded in “landscape mode”.
If you are not filming or videos of you working with your art (I’m thinking for the photographers for exemple), I will need a bunch of your photos to make a diaporama during the showcase (10 or more).

If you are a performer, singer, dancer, acrobat, it would be good to have videos of you performing. We will start with the interview, and then your act will be displayed. It does not have to be an act you have already recorded: if you have a studio and feel inspired to make a number especially for the showcase, please do! There is no limit to creation 🙂 If you only have some part of videos, send me what you have and I will do my best to manage with what I have.
As exemples, you can  check Kathleen Doherty (Aerial Hoop Artist), The Acoustic Foundation (Souf/Funk Band), Inês Castro Ribeiro (Contemporary Dancer), Fernanda Moreira (Fadista).
For the singers, it would be great to have 3 or 4 songs recorded for the event, it can be recorded in one set or one video per song. Whatever fits the best for you. It would be amazing if it could be recorded in “landscape mode”.
PLEASE NOTE: The acts/performances cannot be a performance of a show you have been part in, like Cirque du Soleil for exemple. It must be an original piece created by you for copyright matters. It can be a performance you created and presented in a previous festival (and where you presented a number made by you), a contest your participated in or any other performance not linked to any show company.

My main rule is that there is no right or wrong in art. And there is no right or wrong on how you will record your videos and/or make photos of you working or your work.

The deadline to deliver the materials is 1st of May 2020.
If you need any help, I’ll be glad to help you as much as I can.

4- Send your Photos & Videos

Once you selected or made the videos or photos to present during the showcase, you can send it to me via Wetransfer at the email address:

5- You are done!

Once I received your form as soon as possible and later the videos and/or photos (latest 1st of May 2020), I’m taking over and make sure that everything is ready for the event 🙂
As well, once I’m done with the preparation of the social media posts, I will send you a copy of it in order for you to promote the event on your social media as well (and only if you want of course).

Of course, if you have any questions or need help in any way, please feel free to contact me anytime it’s needed.

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ARTISTS OF PORTO is an initiative from Portours
and organized by Jimmy Tavares